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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Do we know the reasons why females have so many abortions?

A. 1. According to research on the matter in the United States, the reasons for having an abortion are as follows:

Please note: Women could pick more than one reason.

• 74% said that the baby would change their life too much,

• 73% said that babies were too expensive,

• 48% didn’t want to raise the child alone,

• 32% did not want another child.

Less than 1% for rape or incest.

[Souce: http://www.lifenews.com/2015/07/10/the-top-four-reasons-women-give-for-having-an-abortion-arent-what-you-think/]

Based on the first answer, "that children would change their life too much," this is a clear slap in the face of God. A child is a gift from God, the Lord's mean of enriching the woman in her spiritual growth. An abortion is equal to saying, "God, I do not want your gift." "I want my freedom to enjoy the pleasures of life." "Who do You think you are to burden me with this child that I did not ask for?"

Someone in the past, I do not remember who, stated that it cost $18,000.00 a year to raise a child. Since then, everyone has been repeating this lie, using it as an excuse for not having a child "because babies are too expensive." Show me one child under the age of 10 who's food, clothing and toys will cost $18,000.00 per year! Show me a child under the age of 10 who will cost you more than $2,000.00 per year. You are not raising a King or a Queen, just a normal child who needs the basics, the same basics that your parents had, your grandparents had, and their parents also had. And some of these parents had an average of 10 children and they survived. Why? Because they placed their children first. They cooked versus eating meals in restaurants. They exchanged clothing with relatives, friends and/or Church members, when they could or they purchased good used clothing. They hand made many of the toys versus buying cheap $ 50.00 toys "Made in China" that break the first week. And the list goes on.

Then comes the excuse, "I didn't want to raise the child alone." This is no different then passing a dying child on the street and looking the other way, letting the child die because you did not want to get involved. Nothing stopped you from putting your child up for adoption. This attitude is worst than pedophelia. As a general rule, pedophiles do not murder their helpless victims. Does it make you feel good that you are no different than a bully who is responsible for the torture and murder of a helpless baby?

Have you ever seen these numbers?

321,200,000: population in the US in 2015.

17,810,000: population age 14 and under.

303,390,000: population age 15 and over.

151,695,000: population of the female gender.

58,000,000: abortions performed in the US from 1973-2011.

Therefore 38% of females in the US have had an abortion.

That means 1 of very 3 women you know is a murderer.

Does that include your sister(s), your mother and your grandmother? Do you come from a family of murderers?

This is the alleged compassionate gender that is trying to take over the Catholic Church. How many local parishes have been taken over by females, having chased away every male volunteer? These are the same females who want women priest and more female involvement in the Vatican. Do we dare to let them advance their agenda? Surely, it will mean the destruction of the Catholic Church.

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