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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. When referring to the priest during the celebration of the Liturgy, should we say he is the Celebrant or the Presider?

A. 1. The words "Celebrant" and "Presider" are synonym to each other. They represent the priest who offers the Holy Mass.

Only a priest (include Bishop) can be a Celebrant or Presider. There are those who falsely teach that the laypeople are also celebrants during the Mass. As such, the priest should not be referred to as a Celebrant.

The word "Celebrant" is the older term used to indicate that the priest is the primary person who celebrates the Holy Mass.

The word "Presider" is a newer term that indicates the priest leads in offering the Mass. This term is used by the liberal generation of those who feel everything should be politically correct.

Either terms are accepted as being correct nowadays.

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