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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can you tell me if the "United Church of God" is a christian denomination? It puts out a magazine called "The Good News" and has a website at "www.BeyondToday.tv".

A. 1. Based on the content of the May-June 2015 edition of "The Good News," published by the "United Church of God," this self-proclaimed christian religion does not fall in the mainstream of christian religions. In fact, this group is heretic, denying the dogma of the Holy Trinity that is accepted by all Christian denominations. As such, it cannot even be called a christian group.

On page 22 of the aforementioned magazine of May-June, 2015, the writer states: "What is the Holy Spirit? It's not a third person in a trinity, as many believe about God (see our free study aid Is God a Trinity?)."

On page 25, it states, " Many people, believing that God is a Trinity, are confused about what the Holy Spirit really is and the future God intends for us as part of His family."

On the same page, he goes further to state, "So rather than the Trinitarian one God in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.... (it will be) one God that includes the Father, the Son and ultimately us, the multitude of other sons brought to glory (transformed believers). There is indeed only one God, but that God is a family - with others to be added to that family."

So you see, the United Church of God rejects the real presence of the Holy Spirit as a person. It claims that the Holy Spirit is just a power that will transform us into gods, consequently we becoming the third person(s) in God. Such a heresy opposes everything that Christian religions stand for. Such a heresy denies the existence of the Trinity as believed by every Christian religion.

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