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Frequently Asked Questions

See Pope Francis' changes to the annulment process here

Q. 1. I would like to apply for an annulment. What must I do?

A. 1. The first step before applying for an annulment is to gather some documentation as follows:

Copies of the baptismal certificates of all the Catholic parties involved.
Copy of the civil marriage license(s).
Copy of the church marriage certificate(s).
Copy of the divorce decree certified or signed by the Judge.

If the above documents are not in the local language, include a notarized (certified) translation with a copy of the original document.

Once all the above has been done, arrange to meet with the local priest. You can find one by looking up "Catholic Churches" in the yellow pages of the telephone directories.

Bring all the above documents to your first meeting.

The priest will explain to you what else is needed. He will help you to submit the required material to the diocesan marriage tribunal so that the annulment process can begin.

That's it!

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