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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Was Jesus really born on December 25 th?

A. 1. The exact date on which Jesus was born is unknown. History teaches us that originally, March 25th, the first day of spring, was discussed as the most appropriate day of the year to celebrate the birth of Christ since this is when the re-birth of spring takes place.

Scholars noted that this date would be more appropriate to celebrate the conception of Jesus, the moment when God incarnated in Mary's womb. Accordingly, if we add 9 months to March 25 th, we arrive to the date of December 25 th.

On the matter of the date of December 25 th, this is when the Romans, who were sun worshipers, celebrated the feast of the sun. Others worshipped a virility god named Mithra on the same date. Over and above this, the Romans observed a debaucherous time of year called Saturnalia from December 17 th to the 23 rd.

In opposition to these sinful and pagan holidays, it was determined appropriate to counter evil by celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25 th. Accordingly, in 336 A.D., the Emperor Constantine officially named December 25 th as the day on which Jesus was born.

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