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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What can you tell me about the sin of impatience?

A. 1. Impatience is normally defined as "irritation with anything that causes delay."

A person who is impatience will feel and show hostility towards things that obstruct, frustrate or delay one’s goals. These persons resent being held up, whether intentionally by someone or just accidentally in the normal course of life events.

Quoting from personalityspirituality.net, "Impatience is somewhat different from anger, however, in that the impatient person is predisposed to perceive virtually all situations as threatening—not to their survival per se but to their goals. More exactly, it is as if their survival depends upon the accomplishment of as many goals as possible as quickly as possible."

The Catholic Church recognizes impatience as a sin. In some cases, depending on the outcome of the impatience, it can be a very grave (mortal) sin. Example: Waiting for someone to die so you can receive your share of the inheritance.

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