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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I hear there is a place in Jerusalem where you can see the tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Wasn't Mary assumed in Heaven?

A. 1. The tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Jerusalem is a symbol of her passing from the earthly life to the heavenly life. We can visit the location to show our appreciation for her life and the joy that is associated with her Assumption. One should not expect to find the Virgin Mary's body there because the tomb is empty.

The Orthodox Christians are of the opinion that the Blessed Virgin Mary died (or “fell asleep”) and was assumed into heaven on the third day. They venerate this tomb as the place where she was buried before she was taken to heaven.

The Catholic Church has never made a proclamation regarding the death of the Virgin Mary. The theologians do not agree on the matter, if Mary died first, or if she was assumed into Heaven without suffering death. For some believe that if Mary was without sin, she could not have died. The penalty for sin is death.

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