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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. At Church, I heard some ladies talking about "nuns on the bus." Where they talking about something real or is it about a movie?

A. 1. According to wikipedia.org,

"Nuns on the Bus is a Catholic pressure group in the United States. Their name comes from the fact that they tour the country on a bus."

Led by Sister Simone Campbell, they place emphasis on the church’s long-standing commitment to social justice. In different years, the Nuns have tackled different themes. In 2012, the Nuns aimed to draw attention to nuns’ work with the poor and to protest planned aid cuts. In 2013, the theme was immigration reform. The Nuns' journeys are sponsored by NETWORK.

By the way, there is a movie called "Nuns on the Bus." "The movie is a funny, joyful and poignant feature-length documentary film following Sister Simone Campbell, leader of the historic Nuns On The Bus tour, as she challenges both the Catholic Church and US Government to reclaim their core values." [Source: http://www.nunsonthebusmovie.com]

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