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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Because of the nature of work that I do, my cloth Scapular quickly gets dirty and needs frequent cleaning. Consequently, they wear down and fall apart. I am considering getting a medal Scapular to replace the cloth one that I am wearing. Is that allowed?

A. 1. The first thing you should know is that you cannot just buy a cloth Scapular at the store and start wearing it. The Scapular is normally blessed at an investiture ceremony. Also, the cloth Scapular should have some affiliation with a religious Order that uses it as part of their habit.

Should the Scapular wear down or the lace break, you can buy a new one and start wearing it immediately. The original blessing received at the investiture ceremony is transferred to the new object.

Regarding metal Scapulars, Catholics are allowed to wear them. They should have a picture of the Sacred Heart on one side and the Mother of God, Mary, on the other side.

Once you have been invested at an investitute ceremony with a blessed woolen Scapular and have the medal Scapular blessed to replace the cloth one, then you can begin to wear it.

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