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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. How does the Catholic Church define the word "Praying?"

A. 1. Since the early days of the Church, Christians always defined prayer as conversation, like when one is having a conversation with God. Like a normal conversation that includes talking, conversing, or yelling at someone, a conversation with God has to be directed towards God. You talk to God, communicate with God, pray to God, converse with God, yell at God, and the list goes on. Consequently, when you are praying to God, the Virgin Mary or another Saint, you are simply directing your prayer communication towards that person.

When Catholics are praying to the Saints, they are not worshiping the Saints. They are simply having a conversation with the them. Catholics believe that worship is due to God alone. They honour the Saints who have gone before them as a sign of faith and victory in living the Christian life.

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