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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Is it not idolatry to have pictures of Catholic Saints in one's environment and to pray to them?

A. 1. If you look around your house or office, do you not have pictures of your loved ones or places of interest? Does that mean that you worship those persons or adore whatever is displayed on a picture, be it a car or a horse? The pictures of your loved ones are reminders that these people are part of your life and that you are close to them. It makes you wish you were in their presence. It is the same with the Saints. A picture of a Saint is a reminder that that person is now in Heaven, enjoying the glory of God. You wish to be close to that person.

When in time of spiritual or physical need, you call upon one or more particular Saints and ask their intercession on your behalf. With you, these Saints pray to God in the hope of obtaining the favor that you seek. After all, all of you are members of one big family, the Mystical Body of Christ which includes all those who are saved, past, present and future.

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