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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is a Patron Saint? What does he/she do?

A. 1. A Saint is a Catholic who has been elevated to Sainthood because of his/her holy life. As such, the Church has determine that it is beneficial to ask for that person's intercession during prayers.

The Patron Saint is a special protector or guardian over a certain area of life. For example, Saint Michael the Archangel is called upon to protect the Church. Saint Francis of Assisi, because of his love for animals, is the Patron Saint of animals. Saint John the Baptist is the Patron Saint of Baptism. And the list goes on...

Patron Saints are also taken into consideration when a baby is named. For example, if a child is named John Paul Smith, his Patron Saints would be St. John and St. Paul. The parent would seek the protection of these Saints for the child and strive to have the child grow in the virtues of those two Saints. Patron Saints can also serve the purpose of protecting certain groups of people. Saint Agatha is the Patron Saint of bell makers. Saint Cosmas is the Patron Saint of the blind. And the list goes on...

For these reasons, the parents should carefully choose the Patron Saint of a child and for the activities that he participate in.

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