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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Viaticum?

A. 1. The word "viaticum" is Latin for "provisions for a journey," from via, or "way." The Holy Eucharist of the Catholic Church is seen as the ideal spiritual food to strengthen a dying person for the journey from this world to life after death.

The term "Viaticuma" is used in the Catholic Church for the administration of the Holy Eucharist (communion), with or without anointing of the sick, to a person who is dying, and is therefore a part of the Last Rites.

"The Catholic tradition of giving the Eucharist to the dying ensures that instead of dying alone they die with Christ who promises them eternal life." For Communion as Viaticum, the Eucharist is given in the usual form, with the added words "May the Lord Jesus Christ protect you and lead you to eternal life".

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