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Dear Jonn:

Enclosed, please find my financial assistance to help the Catholic Doors Ministry serve Jesus in its evangelization on the Internet.

I understand that the Catholic Doors Ministry does not issue Income Tax Receipt because one's offering should come from the heart, not expecting any benefits in return, and remain secret between the heavenly Father and the donor.

As inspired by the Holy Spirit, I wish to give a gift of:

[ ] $ ________

Please use this gift for the following purpose:



[ ] Or as you determine is best.

Please print:

Name ______________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________

City/Town _____________________ State/Province________________

Zip/Postal Code _____________ Country ________________________

Email address _______________________________________________

You may make your personal contribution in any denomination (Australian, British, Canadian, Euros, or American Funds) by personal cheque, Bank Draft or by International Money Order.


Mail your generous contribution to:

Catholic Doors Ministry,
P.O. Box 7615,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 4R4, Canada


Send your offering through PayPal
by clicking on the button below.


DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THE MISSION IN INDIA FROM THIS PAYPAL ACCOUNT! This account is strictly for donations to Catholic Doors Ministry.

For donations to the Mission in India Paypal Account,
click HERE and go half way down the page.

Click here to donate To Catholic Doors Ministry
in Canadian Funds.

Click here to donate to Catholic Doors Ministry
in US Funds.

Catholic Doors Ministry wishes to thank you for your generous support. Without the support of our loving brothers and sisters in Christ, this ministry would not be available to the world.

To submit your question, please send it to our:

(On the subject line: Indicate "FAQ" for "Frequently Asked Questions.")

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