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(mouse pointers)

The instruction on 'How To' download the mouse pointers are at the bottom of this page, right after the graphics. Please read them carefully to ensure that you will successfully download the files with the "*.cur" extensions and not the "*.jpg" graphics that you see on this page.


An angel (# 011.cur)

Angel (# 014.cur)

An angel (# 023.cur)

Blue angel with trumpet (# 024.cur)

Red angel with trumper (# 026.cur)

A child angel (# 030.cur)

An adoring angel (# 031.cur)

St. Michael the archangel (# 054.cur)

Angel (# 055.cur)


Holy Bible (# 041.cur)

Holy Bible (# 067.cur)

Holy Bible (# 068.cur)


Chalice (# 040.cur)


Corpus (# 063.cur)

Corpus (# 070.cur)


Crucifixion (# 007.cur)

Cross (# 008.cur)

Cross (# 025.cur)

Cross (# 046.cur)

Cross (# 057.cur)

Cross (# 058.cur)

Cross (# 059.cur)

Cross (# 060.cur)

Cross (# 061b.cur)

Cross (# 062.cur)


A dove (# 036.cur)

A dove (# 037.cur)


Rose (# 017.cur)


Sacred Heart of Jesus (# 005.cur)

Sacred Heart of Jesus (# 006.cur)

Crown of Thorns (# 018.cur)

The Sacred Heart of Jesus (# 035.cur)

Our Lord Jesus (# 043.cur)

Jesus in the Garden (# 053.cur)

Heart of Jesus (# 056.cur)

Jesus (# 065.cur)

Jesus (# 066.cur)

Knights Of Columbus

Knights of Columbus (# 013b.cur)


Assumption of Mary (# 001.cur)

Our Lady of Fatima (# 003.cur)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (# 004.cur)

Mary Praying (# 022.cur)

Immaculate Heart of Mary (# 029.cur)

The Virgin Mary (# 032.cur)

Immaculate Heart of Mary (# 042.cur)

Immaculate Conception (# 045.cur)

Our Lady of Fatima (# 049.cur)

Mary and Jesus

The Virgin Mary (# 002.cur)

Mary and Jesus (# 020.cur)

Our Lady of the Street (# 021.cur)

Mary and Jesus (# 038.cur)

Mary and Jesus (# 050.cur)

Mary and Jesus (# 051.cur)


Monstrance (# 015.cur)


The Pieta (# 012.cur)


Pope John-Paul II (# 044.cur)


Praying hands (# 047.cur)

Praying Boy (# 048.cur)

Praying hands (# 064.cur)


Rosary (# 027.cur)

Chaplet (# 028.cur)


St. Francis (# 009.cur)

St. Joseph (# 010.cur)

St. Theresa (# 016.cur)

St. Joseph (# 019.cur)

St. Anthony of Padua (# 033.cur)

St. Anthony of Padua (# 034.cur)

St. Joan of Arc (# 039.cur)

Saint (# 052.cur)


P/X (# 069.cur)

The above cursor graphics are the actual size.

Each cursor is 2238 bytes.


NOTE: Do not download the above images. They are "jpg" extension files and they will not work. You must follow the downloading instructions.

These instructions are based on using Internet Explorer. I suspect all browser must work similar.


1. Choose a graphic of your choice.

2. Place your mouse pointer on it.

3. Click on the right button of your mouse. (A window will open.)

4. Click on "SAVE TARGET AS."
(Another window will open.)
(DO NOT click on "Save picture as." This is the most common mistake made and it will not work.)

5. The window should show the number of the graphic and the cursor, both being the same number. Where it says "Save as type", it should have the word "cursor." That means you are doing it right.

6. In that Window, you are asked where you want to save the cursor file. You want to save it with your other cursor files. Give the following path as instructions:


This will place the file in the subdirectory "cursors" of the "windows" directory where your other cursor files are located.


Now that you have downloaded one or more of the cursors. Let us set one up.

1. Click on "START" on the left bottom of your screen.

2. Click on "SETTINGS."

3. Click on "CONTROL PANEL."

4. You will see a number of icons (pictures).

Click on "MOUSE."

5. At the top, you will see, "BUTTONS, POINTERS and MOTION."

Click on "POINTERS."

6. On the bottom right, click on "BROWSE." A screen will appear, showing the different pointers that are available on your computer.

If you have placed the downloaded files in that subdirectory, you should be able to find it there.

If you saved it elsewhere on your computer, you will have to get the file from where you saved it.

7. When you find the file of your choice, click on it.

8. Then, click on "OPEN."

9. The pointers window will open and it will show the pointer of your choice at the top. If you want to use this pointer, click on "OK."

If you do not want to use this pointer, click on "BROWSE" again and choose a different pointer.

Once you clicked on "OK," your pointer should be installed and working.

Now, close your "CONTROL PANEL" window by clicking on the X on the top right corner of your window.

That's it! You now have a new mouse pointer with a Catholic image on it.


If you like what you see, tell your friends about this page so they will come and get their own mouse pointers.

From time to time, new mouse pointers will be added to this page. You may wish to come and visit on a regular basis to see what is new.

All inquiries, suggestions, comments, etc... regarding our mouse pointers should be directed to:

To submit your question, please send it to our:
(On the subject line: Indicate "FAQ" for "Frequently Asked Questions.")

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