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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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1. From which Gospel do we read, “Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed.” _____

a. Gospel of Matthew.
b. Gospel of Mark.
c. Gospel of Luke.

2. The belief in the "Assumption of Mary" goes back as far as... (Give the oldest date.) _____

a. Around 1950 A.D.
b. Around 1590 A.D.
c. Around 500 A.D.

3. September 8 th commemorates the birth of... _____

a. Mary.
b. Jesus.
c. John the Baptist.

4. Why did the Church institute the Feast of "The Holy Name of Mary?" _____

a. Because Mary revealed that she was the Mother of Jesus.
b. In thanksgiving for the defeat of the Moslem Turks.
c. Mary appeared to three children and asked for the celebration of this Feast.

5. The "Immaculate Conception" affirms that from the "first instance of her conception, Mary was preserved free from all stain of original sin." This statement is.... _____

a. Being debated by Catholic theologians.
b. A Catholic Dogmas that must be believed firmly by all the faithful.
c. Condemned by the Catholic Church.

6. "Our Lady of Beauraing" is also known as... _____

a. Our Lady of the Snow.
b. Our Lady of the Golden Heart.
c. Our Lady of the Pillar.

7. "Our Lady of Charity" is the Patroness of... _____

a. Cuba.
b. Australia.
c. The Americas.

8. "Our Lady, Help of Christians" is the Patroness of... _____

a. Cuba.
b. Australia.
c. The Americas.

9. The origin of "Our Lady in Czestochowa" is related to... _____

a. A miraculous image.
b. A miraculous statue.
c. An apparition of Mary.

10. "Our Lady of Lourdes" appeared to... _____

a. Lúcia Santos.
b. Catherine Labouré.
c. Bernadette Soubiroux.

11. The "Miracle of the Sun" took place at... _____

a. Fatima.
b. Lourdes.
c. La Salette.

12. "Our Lady Of Guadalupe appeared to... _____

a. Simon Stock.
b. Juan Diego.
c. St. Peter Nolasco.

13. The Title of "Our Lady of Knock" originates from... _____

a. Mary appearing at Knock.
b. Mary knocking at a door.
c. Mary appearing to Simon Knock.

14. What did "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" give to Simon Stock? _____

a. The Rosary.
b. The Brown Scapular.
c. The Miraculous Medal.

15. What religious Order was given the mission of promoting "Our Lady of Perpetual Help?" _____

a. The Franciscans.
b. The Dominicans.
c. The Redemptorists.

16. "Our Lady of Sorrows" is also known as... _____

a. Our Lady of Charity.
b. Our Lady of Seven Dolors.
c. Our Lady of Mercy.

17. Which statement is true? "Our Lady of Tears" is... _____

a. "Our Lady of La Salette."
b. "Our Lady of Seven Dolors."
c. The weeping statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

18. "Our Lady of the Angels" expressed to WHO that she wanted a center of worship? _____

a. Lúcia Santos
b. Juana Pereira.
c. Peter Julian Eymard.

19. From the time that "Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal" revealed the medal to Sister Catherine Labouré, it took how many years before they were made and distributed? _____

a. 2 years.
b. 5 years.
c. 10 years.

20. "Our Lady of the Pillar" gave a small wooden statue of herself and a column of jasper wood to who? _____

a. St. Mark.
b. St. James.
c. St. Paul.

21. Our Lady gave the Rosary to who? _____

a. Saint John.
b. Saint Peter Julian.
c. Saint Dominic.

22. Pope Pius V declared Mary to be "Our Lady of Victories" because... _____

a. Of the Christian victory over the Moslem forces at Leponto in 1521.
b. Mary always answers prayers.
c. Every Pope has to give Mary a title.

23. Where do we learn about the childhood of Mary _____

a. From the Gospel of Luke.
b. From the Protoevangelium of James.
c. From the Book of Revelations.

24. Who was called the "Mother of the Lord?" _____

a. Saint Elizabeth.
b. Mary.
c. Saint Monica.

25. Who affirmed that the Virgin Mary was the Mother of God? (Choose the best answer.) _____

a. Only the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D.
b. Only the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D.
c. Both of the above.

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