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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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1. When Catholics honour the blessed Virgin Mary, what are they actually doing? _____

a. They are adoring God.
b. They are adoring Mary.
c. The are placing Mary equal to God.

2. How do the virtues of Mary compare to the greatness that is found in the Divine Trinity of God? _____

a. They are an exact reflection.
b. They are a smaller reflection.
c. They are a greater reflection.

3. What does 'Emmanuel' mean? _____

a. "The promised One."
b. "The Anointed One."
c. "God is with us."

4. How did the fullness of God dwell within Mary? _____

a. Physically.
b. Spiritually.
c. Physically and spiritually.

5. Which statement is true regarding Mary conceiving the Lord Jesus? _____

a. God asked Mary if she would conceive.
b. God commanded Mary to be the mother of Jesus.
c. When Mary was told it would happen, she asked how this was possible?

6. Who said that 'from now on, all generations' will call Mary blessed? _____

a. Elizabeth.
b. Mary herself.
c. Both, Elizabeth and Mary.

7. Who was the first person to proclaim that Mary was the 'mother of God?' _____

a. The angel.
b. Elizabeth.
P c. Mary herself.

8. What kind of spirit is Mary seen enjoying in the Magnificat? _____

a. A spirit of prayer.
b. A spirit of faith.
c. A spirit of hope.

9. What kind of life did Mary live? _____

a. A wealthy life with few problems.
b. A life of poverty and difficulties.
c. An average life.

10. How did Mary 'react' to the shepherds, the words of Simeon and when she found Jesus in the Temple? _____

a. She was all excited.
b. She was shocked and left speechless.
c. She pondered on the words, keeping them in her heart.

11. Where was the Heart of Mary pierced? _____

a. At the foot of the cross.
b. At the house when Jesus said, "Who is My mother?"
c. At the Temple where she found Jesus.

12. How is Mary of royal blood? _____

a. By giving birth to Jesus.
b. By being a descendant of King David.
c. By God crowning her Queen.

13. Why does Mary seek out the lost and forgotten sinners? _____

a. To save them.
b. To lead them to the Heavenly Father.
c. To lead them to her Son Jesus.

14. When did the Feast of Our Lady of the Snow begin? _____

a. Around 189 A.D.
b. Around 352 A.D.
c. Around 1310 A.D.

15. Which pope defined the doctrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? _____

a. Pius IX.
b. Pius X.
c. Pius XI.

16. On what date did Mary reveal that she was the Immaculate Conception? _____

a. February 11, 1858.
b. March 25, 1858.
c. May 13, 1858.

17. On what date was the Assumption of Mary defined? _____

a. November 1, 1931.
b. November 1, 1949.
c. November 1, 1950.

18. What is the sun, the moon and the 12 stars similar to? _____

a. The light, the darkness and 12 angels.
b. The miraculous medal, the Rosary and the Scapular.
c. The Father, the Son and the works of the Holy Spirit.

19. To Who and to what does Mary lead sinners to? _____

a. The Heavenly Father for His grace.
b. To Jesus for their salvation.
c. To the Holy Spirit to be sanctified.

20. What has always been the main message of Mary? _____

a. Reminding sinners they are offending the Lord, telling them to pray daily and repent before it is too late.
b. Asking sinners to pray daily.
c. She only reminds sinners that they are offending the Lord.

21. Could all the miracles granted through the intercession of Mary have occurred if it had not been the will of God? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. God left Mary with the choice to do what she wants.

22. How has Mary earned the honours and titles of co-mediatrix and co-redemptrix? _____

a. By saving those who believe in her.
b. By mediating between the Father and the sinners.
c. By her role as co-labourer to the work of Jesus.

23. What does this passage mean? "I will put animosity between you and the woman, and between your labour and her labour." _____

a. Mary and Satan are involved in a spiritual battle that involves good and evil.
b. Satan obstructs all the work of Eve.
c. Satan will oppose any work that is done by a woman.

24. Who is the mother of the living? _____

a. Eve, the wife of Adam.
b. The Virgin Mary.
c. The Church.

25. What worthy title does the Virgin Mary deserve that is greater than all her other titles because it includes all of her earthly and worldly characteristics and works? _____

a. Our Lady of Charity.
b. Our Lady of Hope.
c. Our Lady of the Divine Commission.

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