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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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1. Why does God instill the virtues of faith, hope and charity in the soul of the faithful? _____

a. For the Christian to have a variety of virtues.
b. To permit believers to behave as His children to become worthy of eternal life.
c. Because they reflect the presence of the Father.

2. Why does the Christian love God? _____

a. Because He is God.
b. Because the Christian has to.
c. Because all the Christians love God.

3. Can the Christian love God by his own efforts? _____

a. Only when he works hard at it.
b. Yes.
c. No.

4. What did Abraham believe? _____

a. He would become the father of many nations.
b. He would be saved if he maintained his hope.
c. Through hope, he would have all the necessary strength to live a good life.

5. How should a Christian view suffering? _____

a. As a sign that God has abandoned him.
b. Thank God for it, accepting the suffering as a test of faith that sanctifies him.
c. As a time of bad luck.

6. What does the Christian have through the grace of Jesus, the Lord's suffering and death on the Holy Cross? _____

a. Proof that Jesus is God.
b. The beginning of Christianity.
c. Hope that does not disappoint.

7. What is the greatest goal of the Christian? _____

a. To receive his salvation.
b. To see Jesus.
c. To belong to the Body of Christ.

8. Hope is which weapon in the Armour of God? _____

a. The sword.
b. The breastplate.
c. The helmet.

9. What kind of instrument is prayer for the Christian? _____

a. An instrument of belief.
b. An instrument of love.
c. An instrument of hope.

10. Which of the following is better? _____

a. To put our confidence in princes.
b. To trust in the Lord.
c. To go to our true friends who will help us.

11. What is a desire without hope? _____

a. To desire something that is not allowed.
b. To desire something that is impossible to get.
c. To desire something in one's heart.

12. What are the three characteristics of the virtue of hope? _____

a. It has faith, trust and charity.
b. It is wanted, received and appreciated.
c. It is possible, desired and difficult to obtain.

13. What is a 'petition?' _____

a. Hope being answered by God.
b. Hope being answered by the resources of man.
c. Both "a" and "b".

14. Christian hope is... _____

a. Trusting in others.
b. Trusting in one's own abilities.
c. God oriented.

15. What does the Christian experience through hope? _____

a. An ongoing burning longing deep within his soul.
b. His salvation.
c. Answered prayers.

16. How is hope meant to be shared? _____

a. With God.
b. With the family.
c. With other Christians.

17. Does hope increase in amount during a Christian's progress? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Only with some Christians.

18. What is required for the Christian to have hope and to direct his intention towards the right goal? _____

a. That God give him hope when he is born.
b. Faith and the knowledge of truth.
c. Trust that the Word of God will come to him.

19. Where is the Christian directed when he seeks hope? _____

a. To the Heavenly Father.
b. To Jesus.
c. To the Holy Spirit.

20. Once the Christian has found Jesus, what does he hope for? _____

a. Nothing because he has everything.
b. Other Christians will also find Jesus.
c. To grow in a personal relationship with Jesus.

21. What role do the commandments have in the Christian's hope for salvation? _____

a. The Christian learns that he must obey them.
b. They were given by the Heavenly Father.
c. Salvation is obtained by obedience alone.

22. What is the end result for which the Christian aims? _____

a. Hope.
b. Baptism.
c. Salvation.

23. Why must the Christian always remain alert? _____

a. Not to be misled towards false hopes.
b. The many different Christian hopes.
c. To plan his hope with the end times.

24. Why may the Christian shed tears today? _____

a. Because God does not love him.
b. Because God demands perfection.
c. Because God appears to be cruel.

25. In His infinite goodness, what does God fill the hope of the Christian with? _____

a. Ongoing miraculous signs.
b. Joy and peace in believing.
c. No sufferings while he hopes.

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