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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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Enter your choice of answer on the line _____, either a, b or c.

1. Who gave the command to proclaim everywhere the good news? _____

a. The Apostles.
b. Jesus Christ.
c. The Church.

2. Who answered the call of the Lord? _____

a. Everyone.
b. The Apostles.
c. A spiritual person.

3. Who does the visible work of the Church? _____

a. The Holy Spirit.
b. Jesus Christ.
c. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

4. Who is the PRESENT source of evangelization? _____

a. Jesus Christ.
b. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
c. The Holy Spirit.

5. The Christian must abide in WHO to bear fruit when performing work of evangelization? _____

a. Jesus Christ.
b. The Holy Spirit.
c. The Heavenly Father.

6. Which statement is true? _____

a. The Ephesus disciples had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire.
b. The Ephesus disciples had been reborn, receiving the righteous new heart and new spirit.
c. The Ephesus disciples had received both 'a' and 'b'.

7. Who gives generous and perfect gifts from Heaven? _____

a. The Heavenly Father.
b. The Holy Spirit.
c. Jesus Christ.

8. How can a Christian LOSE God's perfects gifts? _____

a. By not asking for any gifts.
b. By neglecting his gift of the Holy Spirit
c. By not remembering what gifts he received.

9. Who chooses what gift the Christian will receive? _____

a. The Christian himself.
b. The Holy Spirit.
c. The Church.

10. What three first gifts are received by the grace of GOD? _____

a. Wisdom, understanding and counsel.
b. Knowledge, piety and fear.
c. Hope, trust and charity.

11. Why should the Christian submit himself in obedience under the leadership of the Church when evangelizing? To faithfully enjoy the gifts of... _____

a. Charity, humility and self-denial.
b. Hope, trust and charity.
c. Authority and power.

12. How should the Christian use his gifts? _____

a. By asking donations for his services.
b. He must use them for the good of all without payment.
c. He must keep his fees low so all can afford them.

13. Who knows that his time is short? _____

a. The Holy Spirit.
b. The Christian.
c. Satan.

14. Which statement is true? _____

a. Salvation is achieved through the rebirth of the Baptism.
b. Salvation is achieved through faith in Jesus.
c. Both of the above, plus the need to persist in the faith in Jesus Christ.

15. When will the end of the world be near? _____

a. When the Word of God, the Bible, has been preached throughout the world.
b. It will never come.
c. When all the Churches become one.

16. Who coordinates and inspires all the wonderful work that the Church does? _____

a. The pope.
b. The local bishop.
c. The Holy Spirit.

17. Who is angry and is making war on the Christians? _____

a. The non-Christians.
b. Satan.
c. The Christians who do not live their faith.

18. If Jesus was to return today, what would He say to the media? _____

a. It is doing an excellent job at improving mankind.
b. It is guilty of promoting violence, hatred, foul language and nudity.
c. It has not done enough goodness.

19. Can Christians maintain a sincerity of heart while continuing to remain silent to the sins around them when their voice can be heard? _____

a. It depends on the situation.
b. Yes.
c. The voice of one Christian through the power of the Holy Spirit can perform miracles!

20. When is there more joy in Heaven? _____

a. When 99 goods persons do not need repentance.
b. When 1 sinner repents.
c. When a minimum of 3 sinners repent.

21. How will Jesus come on earth? _____

a. The same way He was taken into Heaven.
b. He will be born again.
c. He will suddenly appear on earth.

22. Every person will be judged according to what? _____

a. His faith alone.
b. His living faith which is completed by works.
c. His work alone.

23. Why does the Holy Spirit lead the Church throughout the world? (Choose the best answer.) _____

a. To ensure the Gospel of Christ reaches every soul.
b. Because the Father commanded it.
c. Because Jesus sent Him.

24. Who teaches the Christian how to pray? _____

a. The Church.
b. The Holy Spirit.
c. Other christians.

25. What should Christians do while waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus? _____

a. They should pray more.
b. They should go to Church every Sunday.
c. They should walk in the Spirit.

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