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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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1. What is the final goal of the Church. _____

a. To make men share in the communion between the Father and the Son in their Spirit of love.
b. To present itself to the Heavenly Father.
c. To spread worldwide.

2. Who is the primary representative of God to fulfill the mission of the Church today? _____

a. Jesus.
b. The Holy Spirit.
c. The pope.

3. What does the Spirit of truth teach the Christian? _____

a. Any knowledge he wants to have.
b. What rules of man that should be followed.
c. He reminds him of the teachings of Christ.

4. Who gives life to the Church so the Holy Spirit can be the Temple of the Church? _____

a. The Heavenly Father.
b. Jesus Christ.
c. The Holy Spirit.

5. What happens in the Church without direct involvement of the Holy Spirit? _____

a. Baptism.
b. Nothing.
c. Its physical growth.

6. Who does the Church discriminate against? _____

a. The cultures that worship idols.
b. Those who are too young to participate in fellowship.
c. No one.

7. What does it mean that the Church is 'apostolic'? _____

a. It descends from Peter to whom Jesus gave the keys of the Church.
b. All its leaders are apostles.
c. It was founded by the apostles.

8. For Who's glory does the Holy Spirit sanctify the Church? _____

a. The Heavenly Father.
b. Jesus Christ.
c. The individual so he can be sanctified.

9. Why does the Holy Spirit bless the Christians with faith in Christ? _____

a. So every Christian will have it.
b. In the hope that the Christians will be saved.
c. So Jesus is alive in the life of the Christians, here and now.

10. Why does the priest petition the Heavenly Father during the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist? _____

a. To send the Sanctifier.
b. For the Second Coming of Jesus.
c. For the Church to become united.

11. When does the Holy Spirit reveal the spiritual meaning of the Word of God to the Christian so it is known and understood according to the truth? _____

a. Each time he reads the Bible.
b. When the Christian is properly disposed.
c. During the sermons.

12. Why does the Holy Spirit bless the Pastors with different gifts? _____

a. Because every Pastor has gifts.
b. For the sanctification of the Pastor.
c. To assist them in their spiritual work.

13. The fruit of the Holy Spirit leads to what? _____

a. The perfection of the souls.
b. A better knowledge of God.
c. Knowing God's commandments.

14. How many gifts of the Holy Spirit make the Christian receptive to obeying Divine inspirations? _____

a. 3.
b. 7.
c. 10.

15. What does the Christian find in Baptism? _____

a. The same as in Confirmation.
b. What he lacks in his spiritual life.
c. The root of his entire spiritual life.

16. What happens during the anointing of the sick? _____

a. The sins are forgiven.
b. The sick Christian is instantly healed.
c. The same as in Confession.

17. What does the bishop receive through the Holy Spirit? _____

a. The gifts he received as a priest are renewed.
b. The necessary grace to guide and defend the Church, obtaining the strength and prudence of a father and pastor.
c. The power to manage the Church.

18. Who was given the Divine power and authority of Jesus to forgive or retain sins? _____

a. The Holy Spirit.
b. All those who have a sincere faith in Christ.
c. The Apostles.

19. How many sacraments does the Catholic Church have? _____

a. 3.
b. 7.
c. 9.

20. What happens to the Christian when he receives the sacrament of Confirmation? _____

a. He is clothed with Divine power so he may shine as Jesus' witness in the lives of those he touches.
b. He is baptized again.
c. He is reminded of his sacrament of Baptism.

21. The Catholic Church has how many sacraments of Christian initiation? _____

a. 3.
b. 5.
c. 7.

22. Why should the newly confirmed Christian become more aware of the actions, gifts and calls of the Holy Spirit? _____

a. To answer Jesus' command to do it.
b. It is a necessity if one wants to belong to the Church.
c. So he can accept his calling to the christian life.

23. What does the Bishop invoke during the sacrament of Confirmation? _____

a. The forgiveness of sins.
b. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
c. The salvation of the Christian being confirmed.

24. What is the purpose of charisms? _____

a. The sanctification of the entire Body of Christ.
b. A reflection of the love of the Holy Spirit.
c. To show the generosity of the Heavenly Father.

25. What kind of healings can take place through the charism of healing by the power of the Holy Spirit? _____

a. Physical healings.
b. Only physical and spiritual healings.
c. Physical, psychological or spiritual healings.

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