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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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Enter your choice of answer on the line _____, either a, b or c.

1. Is it possible to write in one short text all what can be said about the Holy Spirit? _____

a. Yes, if the research is fully done.
b. No, it would take too many books.
c. It could be summarized.

2. Who is the Giver of life to all creation? _____

a. The Heavenly Father.
b. The Lord Jesus Christ.
c. The Holy Spirit.

3. Are the Scriptures (Bible) divinely inspired? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Only some parts of the Bible.

4. Which persons of the Trinity dwelled within Mary? _____

a. Only the Son Jesus.
b. Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
c. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

5. Which persons of the Trinity are involved in the amazing plan of salvation? _____

a. Only the Son Jesus.
b. Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
c. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

6. Some prophetic texts of the Old Testament referred to the Holy Spirit. When were they fulfilled? _____

a. At the birth of Christ.
b. At the death of Christ.
c. At Pentecost.

7. Which statement is true? _____

7.1. The Father was proclaimed in the Old Testament.
7.2. The Son was revealed in the New Testament.
7.3. The Holy Spirit now dwells among men.

a. Only '7.1'.
b. Both '7.1' and '7.2'.
c. All 3 statements are true.

8. Which statement is true regarding the mission of the Son? _____

a. It is separate from the Holy Spirit.
b. It is united and inseparable from the Holy Spirit.
c. It is sometimes joined to the Holy Spirit.

9. Who's responsibility is it to see to it that 'the Christian becomes certain that Christ Who is seen, is the visible image of the invisible God?' _____

a. The Father.
b. The Holy Spirit.
c. The Church.

10. Who heals the members of the Church by the Sacraments? _____

a. The priests.
b. Jesus.
c. The Holy Spirit.

11. Which statement is true? _____

11.1 The Holy Spirit prepares the coming of Christ.
11.2 The Holy Spirit recalls the mystery of Christ.
11.3 The Holy Spirit makes present the mystery of Christ.

a. Both '11.1' and '11.2'.
b. Both '11.2' and '11.3'.
c. All 3 statements are true.

12. How is the faith of the believers awakened? _____

a. By reading the Bible.
b. Through Jesus.
c. By the Holy Spirit.

13. The Church is holy because... _____

a. It is composed of holy people.
b. The Church proclaimed it as a truth.
c. It belongs to Jesus.

14. Where does it say in the Bible that God gave His 'first love?' _____

a. In Romans 5:5.
b. In 1 John 4:8.
c. In Revelations 2:4.

15. Which Spirit reveals the thoughts of God? _____

a. The Spirit of joy.
b. The Spirit of peace.
c. The Spirit of truth.

16. What other three fruit did the Church traditions teach? _____

a. Love, joy and peace.
b. Generosity, modesty and chastity.
c. Peace, patience and kindness.

17. What are 'charisms' for? _____

a. To justify and sanctify the Christians.
b. To cooperate in the salvation of others.
c. To build up the Church.

18. What does it mean that "the grace of God is sufficient?" _____

a. There is no need to obtain additional grace.
b. The power of God perfects the soul in weakness.
c. All Christians receive the same amount of grace.

19. What sin can never be forgiven? _____

a. Swearing in the name of Jesus.
b. Murder.
c. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

20. What did it mean during the time of Noah when the dove returned with an olive-tree branch in its beak? _____

a. The earth was now habitable.
b. There was land in sight.
c. Noah would land in three days.

21. What does death in Baptism fully mean? _____

a. The believer dies.
b. The believer is restored to Divine likeness.
c. Jesus died for the believer.

22. What does the Christian receive at Confirmation? _____

a. A second Baptism.
b. The first grace of the Holy Spirit.
c. A greater understanding of his baptismal grace.

23. During the anointing of the sick, what healing can take place? The healing of... _____

a. The body.
b. The body and the soul.
c. The body, the soul and the spirit.

24. What does 'Paraclete' mean? _____

a. The 'Consoler'.
b. The 'One Who descends'.
c. The 'Son of God'.

25. When fire is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, what does it represent? _____

a. The fire of Hell.
b. The purifying and sanctifying power.
c. The brightness of God.

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