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This page has been prepared in response to some students who were not quite clear regarding the management of the Catholic Bible courses. Please read the following questions and answers very carefully before registering for a Catholic Bible course.

A questions and answers format is being used so students can find the answer to their specific question.

1. Of what religion are the Bible courses?

These Bible courses are of the Roman Catholic faith.

2. Who prepared the Bible courses?

The courses were prepared by the Catholic Doors Ministry that is managed by Jonn M. of the Diocese of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

3. Does it cost anything to register for the Bible courses?

If you wish to register for one Bible course by mailing in the answers of the Exam, it will cost you $ 10.00 Canadian or $10.00 in US Currency. This cost is per Bible Course.

4. What if I want to do the Exams but do not want to mail them in?

Every month, based on the daily and monthly logs, there are over 30,000 downloads of Bible courses and their Exams. 99.9% of those courses, we never see. Anyone can download any of the courses and their Exams and do them at no cost in the comfort of their homes.

It should be noted that those who do not mail in the answers to their courses, they do not have the assurance that their answers are correct, nor receive a Certificate for the completion of the course. This type of study is considered as personal spiritual growth.

5. Do I register before I start studying the course?

No! You register when you mail us the answers to your Exam(s).

6. Can I register for more than one course at a time?

You can register for as many courses as you wish to register for. Some students have mailed in the answers to one course when registering for that course while others have mailed in the answers to as many as 4 courses at the same time when registering for the four courses.

7. How long does it take to process the courses and mail the corrected answers and the Certificate of completion to the students?

Most Exams have been processed within 1 day. The longest it has taken the office to process an Exam is 4 days.

8. How are the corrected Exams and Certificates mailed to the students?

We mail everything First Class Mail. For those who live in isolated countries where the mail comes in by boat or plane, we appreciate being told to place an AIR MAIL sticker on the package to ensure its arrival by plane (First Class Mail).

9. How old must I be to register for a Bible course?

We have never asked anyone their age. As such, we do not know the age of our students. Based on the simple English in which the courses are written, anyone age 10 or older can register. Of course, a minor requires the permission of his/her parents and may require assistance from his/her parents to complete the course and with the mailing.

All ages are encouraged to participate in this program.

10. I would like to register but do not know how to get Canadian Dollars.

In most countries, you can obtain an International Bank Draft or an International Money Order from either the Bank or the Post Office. If you live in the US, simply mail us the Registration Fee in US Funds.

11. Do you accept personal cheques?

Yes, we do. Keep in mind the Exam will not be processed until after the personal cheque has cleared. This can take up to two months for Banks outside of Canada.

12. Can I email my answers?

If you have mailed in your Registration Fee with an explanation that you will email the answers to your Exam(s), that will be acceptable.

Upon having received the Registration Fee and the answers to the Exam(s), we will forward to you by email your results and by First Class Mail your corrections with the Certification(s) of Completion.

13. What is your email address?

The email address of the Catholic Doors Ministry is at: CLICK HERE

14. Where do I send my completed Exams, Registration Form and the fee?

The mailing address of the Catholic Doors Ministry is:

Catholic Doors Ministry
P.O. Box 7615
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 4R4, Canada

15. Is there any way of mailing the Exam answers so it is not so bulky?

Being aware that in some countries, AIR MAIL costs a lot of money and the fact that the Exams are about 4 pages each, we have prepared a special page called, "ANSWER SHEET." On this page, you can transfer all your answers from two Exams. If you completed 4 Exams, print both sides of the same paper and you will be able to transfer the answers of 4 Exams on one sheet of paper.

Resulting from this, you only have to mail 1 sheet of paper for 4 Exams, plus 1 Registration Form and 1 payment. This should qualify for AIR MAIL and be under 20 grams.

The Answer Sheet is found at:


Click here to view what it looks like: Answer Sheet.

16. What if my question is not covered here?

Please feel free to email your question and it will be answered within a day or two. If this is a common question, it will be added to this list of questions and answers.

17. Can our Church group use these Bible courses and their Exams?

All material on this Website is copyrighted according to International Laws. As such, if you wish to use the material for free, please email a request to our office so we are aware of who is using the material, ensuring they have received permission from our office.

While there is no charge for groups to use the material, our office is not in a position to provide free Certificates of Completion to those who study the courses in groups. This cost becomes the responsibility of the local Study Groups who must print their own Certificates of Completion.

At present, there are Church Bible Study Groups and Prison Ministries in different countries that have requested permission to use our material and such has been granted. When informed of what course they will use, we provide the group with the Answer Keys so they may correct the Exams of their students.

18. Who sponsors the Bible course Program?

The Catholic Doors Ministry is owned and managed by Jonn Miller. This ministry is a response to Pope John-Paul II's appeal that the West is in need of re-evangelization.

19. Do you mail out the Bible course texts and Exams?

No. Although we have received numerous requests to do so, it is not financially possible for us to do so. All the courses and their Exams are in their completion on the Internet. Those who wish to obtain a copy must print their own. If one does not have a computer, he/she should contact their local Church and find out if their Pastor can find someone a kind parishoner who will print a copy of all the needed material. This is the best that we can do at this time because of our limited financial resources.

20. Do you accept donations? Contributions to support this work are always welcomed, no matter how small they are. Every $1 helps. At present, we are not registered as a non-profitable organization and as such, we do not provide Income-Tax deductible receipts. In return for financial support, we include the needs of our supporters in the daily celebration of the Holy Mass and the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

21. From what countries are your students registering?

Our first students were from Singapore, the United States and Iceland, Canada, in that order.

22. Will you be providing more courses in the future?

New courses are released from time to time. Originally, Catholic Doors Ministry started with 8 courses. Today, out of the 22 courses available, seven of the original courses are still available. New courses will be authored and added as time permits.

If you have any particular area of study in which you would like to see a Bible course, please feel free to contact our office to advise us of your area on interest.

To submit your question, please send it to our:

(On the subject line: Indicate "FAQ" for "Frequently Asked Questions.")

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