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How to obtain permission
to use the copyrighted Bible Courses
for group usage.

Since 1998, the copyrighted Bible courses that have been authored by Catholic Doors Ministry, have been used with permission by prison ministries, military chaplains, in R.C.I.A. groups, in Parish Bible Study groups, and for translating and/or publishing in Catholic Diocesan magazines/newspapers. Each of the aforementioned have received permission to use Catholic Doors Ministry's copyright material prior to its usage because they have provided the ministry with the necessary information and agreed to abide by certain conditions. Read below for further information.


In order for this ministry to know who is using its copyrighted ministry, the following information must be provided by email or by postal service prior to the usage of the courses:

1. The name of the Church/Parish.

2. The City/town where the Church/Parish is located.

3. The Province/State where the Church/Parish is located.

4. The Country where the Church/Parish is located.

5. Does the individual making the request have the permission of the Pastor to use the material in his Parish? Please provide the name of the priest who has granted permission.

6. The name of the person who will be offering the courses to the students.

7. A valid email address in case the above person #6 needs to be contacted. (This ministry is an online service. All contacts are done by email, without exception.)


1. At the end of each course and exam that is printed, it must state: (Copyright: http://www.catholicdoors.com)

2. If Certificates of Completion are issued to the students, they must state the Church/Parish's name on them. Under no circumstances is anyone given permission to use and/or print Catholic Doors Ministry's name on the Certificates of Completion.

3. If Certificates of Completion are issued to the students, they must be signed by the instructor of the group. Under no circumstances is anyone given permission to use the name of the Dierctor/webmaster of Catholic Doors Ministry. It is recommended that there be two names on the Certificate of Completion, that of the Parish priest and the name of the instructor.

4. Permission is granted for 1 year at a time. A request to continue to use the material must be made on an annual basis. This ensures that Catholic Doors Ministry's file is updated as to who is using the material with the knowledge and permission of their Pastor. Please indicate when you plan on using the material.

Permission can be granted on a Calendar Year basis such as for "Year 2016" or for a period of time such as "2016-2017" which would represent September, 2016 to June, 2017, this covering the R.C.I.A. classes duration.

5. No fee will be charged to the students for the usage of the copyrighted material of the Catholic Doors Ministry. You can charge for the instructor's time or for the coffee and donuts, but you cannot charge a fee for what was authored by the Catholic Doors Ministry because you are getting free usage of it.

Please paste and copy the above information into your email, answering the questions, indicating that you accept the conditions # 1 to 5, signing it and dating it. Then forward it to the Catholic Doors Ministry. Emails are usually answered within two days. Permission to use the copyrighted Bible course material is granted to 99.9% of the applicants. Rejections are usually related to those who wish to charge a fee to the students for the usage of Catholic Doors Ministry's material.

To submit your question, please send it to our:

(On the subject line: Indicate "FAQ" for "Frequently Asked Questions.")

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