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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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Enter your choice of answer on the line _____, either a, b or c.

1. What is the proper word to use when referring to the godparent of a child during the Sacrament of Baptism? _____

a. Godparent.
b. Sponsor.
c. Patrini.

2. As a general rule, a godparent must be no less than ______ years of age. (Fill in the blank.) _____

a. 14.
b. 16.
c. 18.

3. If a person has incurred an excommunication, can that person act as a godparent? _____

a. Yes.
b. Only if the excommunication is not made public.
c. No.

4. How many godparents can a child have? _____

a. Two godparents or two witnesses.
b. One godparents and as many witnesses as desired.
c. There may be two, one of each sex.

5. Nowadays, what is the role of the sponsor in the adult baptism? (What is the best answer?) _____

a. To assist the person in Christian Initiation.
b. With the parents, to present the child for baptism.
c. Both "a" and "b" above.

6. During the baptism of an infant, the godparent is asked, "What do you ask of God's Church?" The answer is _________ . _____

a. Faith.
b. Hope.
c. Charity.

7. In the baptism of twins who share the same godparent(s), there has to be at least __________ godparent(s). _____

a. Four.
b. Two.
c. One.

8. When choosing a name for the baptism of an infant, the name should... _____

a. Be chosen by the godparent.
b. Be of a Christian sentiment.
c. Be of the language of the parents.

9. A mother wants to replace a godparent who has not been active in her daughter's life. What can she do to accomplish this goal? _____

a. Have the child re-baptized.
b. Have the Birth Certificate changed.
c. Ask someone else to be involved in the child's life.

10. A Catholic is invited to act as the godparent of a child in the Anglican faith. Can the Catholic accept? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. For Baptism only, not confirmation.

11. A Catholic is invited to act as the godparent of a child in the Orthodox faith. Can the Catholic accept? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Only with the permission of a Catholic bishop.

12. The origin of godparents goes back as far as... _____

a. The early days of the Catholic Church.
b. The fourth century.
c. The Council of Trent in 1512 A.D.

13. In the early days of the Church, the role of the sponsor was to... _____

a. Protect the Church by authenticaing the sincerity of the convert.
b. As a catechist, support the person as a candidate into the Church.
c. Both "a" and "b" are true.

14. When did the Church decree that even thought tiny infants have not committed personal sin, because of the sin of Adam, unless they are baptized, they will experience the "death of the soul?" _____

a. Vatican I.
b. Vatican II.
c. Council of Trent.

15. Who's obligation is it "first" to form the children, by word and example, in faith and in christian living? _____

a. The parents.
b. The godparents.
c. The Church.

16. A Catholic man who is involved in a mixed marriage and who believes that all religions are equal, has been asked to act as godparent. Can he do so? _____

a. If he wants to.
b. The priest will not accept him.
c. It depends if he goes to Church or not.

17. Maria's sister Debbie has been living in a common-law relationship for 3 years. Can she be a godparent? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Only if no ones knows of her sin.

18. Jack has been asked to be the godfather of his nephew. He has not gone to Church for 10 years. Will he be approved as a sponsor? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. It depends on the priest.

19. What is the greatest gift that a godparent can give to a child? _____

a. Gifts at Christmas and on birthdays.
b. Weekly outings to points of interest.
c. Love, prayer and a continuous presence as a Christian model of faith.

20. If a person accepts to be a child's godparent, is he obligated to adopt the child should the parents suddently die? _____

a. Yes, he has no choice in the matter.
b. Only if the parents put it in their Last Will, with or without his knowledge or consent.
c. The Courts have the final say regarding the custody of children.

21. Does the Church say anything about the role of the godparent at confirmation? _____

a. It says that it is desirable that the sponsor for the Sacrament of Confirmation be the one chosen for the role of godparent at Baptism.
b. No guidelines are given.
c. New godparents are always chosen at confirmation.

22. When a parent chooses a godparent, how long of a commitment should it be seeking? _____

a. For the duration of the Baptism.
b. At least five years.
c. A lifetime commitment, at least until after the Sacrament of Confirmation.

23. Which choice is best as a godparent? _____

a. Choosing a relative.
b. Choosing a long-term friend.
c. A person who is spiritually rich.

24. How many godchildren can a godparent have? _____

a. Only 1.
b. 2 is reasonable.
c. As many as they want.

25. Can a child share his godmother with other godchildren? _____

a. Certainly not!
b. The godmother can choose as many godchildren as she wants.
c. With only one other.

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