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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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Enter your choice of answer on the line _____, either a, b or c.

1. Which statement is true? _____

a. The Catholic Church considers very few claims of supernatural manifestations as being worthy of belief.
b. The Catholic Church approves most claims of supernatural manifestations as being of a heavenly nature.
c. The Catholic Church only approves 50% of all the alleged supernatural manifestations.

2. The word "discern" means _____. _____

a. "To investigate."
b. "To evaluate."
c. "To separate out."

3. In cases where alleged supernatural manifestations are not of God, they can be the result of how many different possibilities? _____

a. 3.
b. 2.
c. 1.

4. Discernment is a gift of Charism of the Holy Spirit. What is its purpose? (Only one answer is correct.) _____

a. It is for the purpose of the spiritual growth of the person who has received the gift from the Holy Spirit.
b. Directly or indirectly, it benefits the Church for her building up, for the good of men and to the needs of the world.
c. It is to predict the future so the Catholic Church can know things to come.

5. Which statement is true? _____

a. No Charism is exempt from being referred and submitted to the Church's shepherd.
b. When a Charism concerns the personal life of the mystic, it does not have to be submitted to the Church's shepherd.
c. Only about 10% of cases of Charism have to be referred to the Church's shepherd.

6. When submitting himself to a Bishop, the mystic must... _____

a. Submit himself to the Bishop of his choice.
b. Submit himself to the Bishop of his Diocese.
c. Deal only with the Vatican if his calling is of an international importance.

7. In most cases of alleged supernatural manifestations, who makes the final proclamation? _____

a. The Parish priest.
b. The local Bishop.
c. The Vatican.

8. Which statement is false? _____

a. In cases of apparitions that have a local significance, the Diocesan Bishop can make the final Official Proclamation.
b. A Bishop has no jurisdiction over a mystic in another Diocese.
c. A personal statement of the Pope is more binding than the Official Proclamation of a local Bishop.

9. Following most major Church apparitions, the copy-cat syndrome takes place for a number of reasons. How many possible reasons are there? _____

a. 2.
b. 4.
c. 6.

10. If two mystics share identical private revelations and one is proven by his Bishop to be a false mystic, what can be concluded about the second mystic? _____

a. His private revelations are also false.
b. His private revelations must be reviewed carefully to see if they have another meaning.
c. The private revelations of the first mystic has no influence on the private revelations of the second mystic.

11. Authenticating an alleged supernatural manifestation by what it feels is to... (Give the correct answer.) _____

a. All one needs to discern the spirits.
b. Receive an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
c. Sensationalize one's faith.

12. "Non constat de supernaturalitate" means... _____

a. Although there is no evidence of supernaturality at this time, there may be at a later time.
b. There is lots of evidence of supernaturality but the Church has not seen it as of yet.
c. There is no evidence of supernaturality.

13. Which statement is true? _____

a. No private revelation can claim to surpass or correct the revelation that was given to us by Jesus Christ.
b. Private revelations can surpass the revelation given to us by Jesus Christ if it comes from a Prophet.
c. In the case of Joseph Smith (Mormons) and Mohammed (Moslems), their private revelations have surpassed the revelations given to us by Jesus Christ.

14. Is God the Father an old Man? _____

a. Yes because it says so in the Old Testament.
b. God the Father is neither man nor woman.
c. Yes because there are pictures of God the Father as an old Man.

15. When an alleged mystic refuses to submit himself to the final Proclamation of the Church, is he of God? _____

a. He cannot be and is not of God.
b. It depends if the Bishop is prejudice against the mystic.
c. It depends if the mystic was interviewed during the investigation of the Bishop.

16. Which statement is true? _____

a. A genuine mystic is honest when relating his supernatural experiences.
b. A genuine mystic forgets some of the details of his spiritual experiences after a couple of years.
c. A genuine mystic only recalls what is worthy of recalling based on his judgment.

17. The Catholic Church appears to accept the private revelations of a child as being more credible because... _____

a. A child never lies.
b. From the mouth of the babes comes the truth.
c. A child can accurately relate a dogmatic message of a profound meaning without understanding its meaning.

18. Once a Bishop has rejected the claim of a false mystic, should the faithful continue to believe in the mystic? _____

a. "It is better to believe than not to believe."
b. No because there no longer are any heavenly blessings as if the mystic's messages were of Heaven.
c. Every Catholic has to decide for himself on this matter.

19. What does Matthew 24:34 reveal to us? _____

a. That there are horrible disasters coming in this age.
b. That everything that Jesus spoke about in Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew has happened in the generation of those days.
c. That Jesus will be born again in this world.

20. When a mystic's private revelations condemn the Vatican, Communion in the hand, kneeling versus standing during the Consecration, it is because... _____

a. God is very upset at the way the Church leaders are guiding the Catholic Church.
b. The Holy Spirit is no longer guiding the Catholic Church because the devil is controlling it.
c. These are the mystic's personal desires.

21. What statement must be rejected of received in a private revelation? _____

a. We are partakers in the earthly Kingdom of Christ through the Church and the Sacraments.
b. Christ shall return to reign as King on earth for 1,000 years.
c. In the Tabernacles of the Catholic Church, we find the Real Presence of Jesus who already dwells on earth.

22. What supernatural manifestations must be rejected? _____

a. Those that lead to division within the Church.
b. Those that promote unity among the faithful.
c. Those that recognize the authority of the Church.

23. What statement is true? _____

a. All Churches are equal.
b. The Catholic Church is a sister Church to all the other Christian Churches.
c. The Catholic Church is the Mother Church of all Christian Churches.

24. What statement is true?_____

a. Jesus Christ is the only Mediator between man and God.
b. A believer can be saved by going directly to God the Father.
c. In the future, the Sacraments will not be necessary for salvation.

25. Why must all spiritual manifestations pass the test of time? (One answer is false. Which one?) _____

a. To determine the validity of miracles when such are present.
b. Because the bureaucracy of the Church takes a long time to approve an apparition.
c. To monitor the fruits of the alleged supernatural manifestation.

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