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the Exam for the Bible Course,

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1. References in this course are made to what stage of the pregnancy? _____

a. The embryo stage.
b. The fetus stage.
c. Both stages.

2. What happens the moment a mother has an unwanted pregnancy? _____

a. Someone comes along and suggests an abortion as an easy solution.
b. The mother rejoices.
c. The mother plans for someone to care for the baby.

3. What does the embryo include? _____

a. Only the physical attribute.
b. Both, the physical and spiritual attributes.
c. There is no life as of yet.

4. Can the medical profession identify the presence of the soul and spirit within the embryo? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Some can.

5. What is the position of the Catholic Church regarding the embryo? _____

a. From the moment of existence at conception, the embryo is a human being.
b. Life begins at the fetal stage.
c. Life begins at birth in the world.

6. How did God create humankind? _____

a. In His image alone.
b. In His likeness alone.
c. In His image and likeness.

7. What happens when someone interferes with the development of the embryo at any stage? _____

a. It is to interfere with the Divine plan of creation for mankind.
b. It places the risk of killing the embryo.
c. Nothing happens if completed as planned.

8. Were abortions allowed in the early Church of the first century? _____

a. We do not know.
b. Yes.
c. No.

9. Does the Catholic Church approve of any intended exploitation of the human embryo which results in their disposal as human material? _____

a. Yes because the Church does not comment on non-christian matters.
b. No because it is immoral.
c. In some circumstances.

10. What penalty does the Church attach to those who are involved in the procuring of an abortion? _____

a. An automatic excommunication.
b. A warning.
c. There are no penalty involved.

11. Does the Catholic Church intend to be merciful to those who are involved in abortions? _____

a. The Church has not made a statement on this.
b. Yes, depending on the circumstances.
c. No, because the harm cannot be undone.

12. When a Catholic has been excommunicated because of involvement in abortion, can he/she still go to confession? _____

a. No because it would not be valid.
b. They should go as soon as possible to return to their state of grace.
c. It depends if individual priests will hear their confession.

13. When a Catholic has been excommunicated because of involvement in abortion, can he/she still receive the Holy Communion? _____

a. Yes to obtain God's forgiveness.
b. No.
c. It depends if the Christian wants spiritual growth.

14. Under what special circumstance can the person be forgiven of his/her involvement in an abortion? _____

a. After one year of having committed the offence.
b. When a person is dying if he/she manages to have a priest present to hear the Confession.
c. There are no special circumstances.

15. What happens to the Divine Plan of God when a mother to be has an abortion? _____

a. It has been changed by the mother.
b. Nothing.
c. God changes His Plan.

16. What happens to the soul of the unborn child when the mother to be has an abortion? _____

a. It experiences the "death of the soul" as defined by the Council of Trent.
b. It goes to Heaven.
c. Nothing because it does not exist as of yet.

17. What does the approval of an abortion do? _____

a. It gladly ends an unwanted pregnancy.
b. It brings peace of mind to the mother.
c. It shakes the physical and spiritual worlds.

18. From the Biblical teaching of Luke 1:35, when did the Holy Spirit come upon Mary? _____

a. At the conception of Jesus.
b. Half way during the pregnancy.
c. At the birth of Jesus.

19. When does the person's spirit leave the body? _____

a. When he lives in sin.
b. No one knows.
c. At physical death.

20. What did the Virgin Mary say when she learned she would be a mother? _____

a. She wanted an abortion.
b. She blamed the child to be's father.
c. She accepted God's Divine plan to carry the Living Life within her.

21. What is God's second greatest gift that the mother denies the unborn child through an abortion? _____

a. The Sacrament of Baptism as an assurance of admission to the Kingdom of God.
b. A guaranteed full life.
c. To enjoy the things God created.

22. When a mother to be is pregnant, what should the issue be? _____

a. An abortion or not!
b. Is it life?
c. What is God's Plan?

23. Can a mother ever escape her guilt of having had an abortion? _____

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Some manage it pretty good.

24. What witness knows that the mother who had an abortion? _____

a. The neighbors.
b. The Holy Spirit and the spirit of the mother to be.
c. The biological father.

25. What happens when one denies the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding the existence of a spirit within the unborn? _____

a. He denies the truth.
b. He is eternally condemned to hell.
c. God will strike him down.

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