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"If any work is available for public use, the author must clearly state that it is in the public domain. If a work is in public domain, granted by saying "I grant this to the public domain," anybody who stumbles upon it can use, take, or copy without giving credit to the owner."

"Internet users cannot scan material from periodicals and post them on the Internet. Users cannot transfer graphics or works, without the knowledge of the owner, and post them somewhere else on the Internet." [Source: http://www.pitt.edu/~skvarka/education/copyright/]

• About the author: The author of most of the work on the website of Catholic Doors Ministry is Jonn Miller. A list of most of his authored work is found below. Unless indicated otherwise, the author of this copyright work does not give anyone permission to reproduce his work in any form. (See "Public Notice" above.)

• Apologetics: In defense of the Catholic faith, Jonn Miller compiled reasoned arguments related to religious doctrine. Click here to view.

Ancestral Curses,
Babylon, The Whore Of,
Baptism: Immersion, Pouring Or Sprinkling?,
Baptism: Infant,
Baptism: Necessary for Salvation,
Baptism Of The Dead,
Brothers Of Jesus, The,
Call No One "Father",
Cannibalism Allegations,
Catholic Feasts On Pagan Feasts Dates,
Catholics Are Not Christians,
Catholics Pray To Mary,
Catholics Sell Indulgences,
Communion at Protestant Services,
Confessing One's Sins To God,
Eucharist: Body And Blood Of Christ,
Eucharist: The Real Presence,
Forbidden to read the Bible,
Guardian Angels,
Healing Of The Family Tree,
In my Father’s House, there are many rooms. [Jn. 14:2],
Mary, The Mother Of God,
Pillar and bulwark of the truth,
Power Of The Keys,
Rapture, The,
Second Coming: The Kingdom Of God,
Sola Scriptora I: The Tradition,
Sola Scriptora II: The Bible Alone,
Sola Scriptora II: The Bible Alone: Part 2,
Sola Scriptora III: Reason,
Statue Worshipping,
Sunday Worship,
Tradition: Its Origin.

• Articles/Works: The following works are the copyright intellectual property of Jonn Miller. It may not be reproduced.

"Christian Names" Names for children to be baptised. Click here to view.

"Is It Catholic?" A review of alleged apparitions from heaven. Click here to view.

"Knowing God" Treatise Click here to view.

"Marian Feasts" A compiled list of Marian Feasts. Click here to view.

"Mass Changes" The Liturgical texts before November, 2011 versus now. Click here to view.

"Patron Saints" A compiled list of Patron Saints of cities and countries. Click here to view.

"Patron Saints For Medical Conditions" A compiled list of Patron the Saints associated with medical illnesses. Click here to view.

"Read The Bible In 1 Year" A day-by-day list of Bible readings. Click here to view.

"The Josephian Rosary" A spiritual exercise to Saint Joseph. Click here to view.

"World Religions" A compiled list of word religions, their name, the year they were instituted, their founder and the location where it originated. Click here to view.

• Bible Courses: The following Bible Courses and their Exams are copyright property of Jonn Miller.

"Abortion Or Not!" (Exam)
"How To Pray" (Exam)
"Reflecting On The Virgin Mary" (Exam)
"Roman Catholic Vestments" (Exam)
"Salvation and the Catholic Church" (Exam)
"Spiritual Discernment" (Exam)
"Sunday, A Day Of Obligation" (Exam)
"Ten Commandments, The" (Exam)
"The Catholic Liturgical Calendar" (Exam)
"The Glorious Marian Titles" (Exam)
"The Grace Of God" (Exam)
"The Holy Rosary" (Exam)
"The Holy Spirit And The Sacraments" (Exam)
"The Holy Spirit In Evangelization" (Exam)
"The Presence And Actions of the Holy Spirit" (Exam)
"The Rite Of Christian Initiation Of Adults" (Exam)
"The Role of the Godparent" (Exam)
"The Sacrament Of Baptism" (Exam)
"The Sacrament Of Confession" (Exam)
"The Virtue Of Hope" (Exam)
"Who Is Jesus?" (Exam)

Students may print one copy of each course and its Exam that they intend on completing.

• Frequently Asked Questions: A collection of over 1,400 Frequently asked Questions and answers that have been researched and answered by Jonn Miller. This material is used to answer emails on hundreds of subjects and as information used by those who entertain blogs. This information is in the public domain. The index is found here.

• Homilies: The following homilies are copyright property of Jonn Miller.

1999 Year "A" - 59 homilies
2000 Year "B" - 81 homilies
2001 Year "C" - 79 homilies
2002 Year "A" - 85 homilies
2003 Year "B" - 86 homilies
2004 Year "C" - 85 homilies
2005 Year "A" - 87 homilies
2006 Year "B" - 88 homilies
2007 Year "C" - 86 homilies
2008 Year "A" - 82 homilies
2009 Year "B" - 86 homilies
2010 Year "C" - 84 homilies
2011 Year "A" - 87 homilies
2012 Year "B" - 88 homilies
2013 Year "C" - 85 homilies
2014 Year "A" - 83 homilies
2015 Year "B" - 88 homilies
2016 Year "C" - 59+ homilies

Priests and deacons may freely print these homilies for their personal usage, either as preaching tools, reflections, or as a draft to prepare for their upcoming homilies.

• Icons: The 47 icons are copyright property of Jonn Miller.

These icons are granted public domain status. Anyone may use them as they wish. The icons are located here.

• Mouse Cursors: These 67 mouse cursors were created be Jonn Miller.

The mouse cursors are granted public domain status. Anyone may use them as they wish. The mouse cursors are located here.

• Mouse Graphics: The following variety of graphics were created by Jonn Miller. These graphics are granted public domain status. Anyone may use them.

You will find "coloured Christian graphics" here, Embossed Christian graphics here, Liturgical graphics and Catholic word graphics here.

• Prayers: The following prayers, "original works of authorship," are protected by copyright laws. This intellectual work deserves the respect that is due to its creators, namely Jonn Miller in this case. Permission is NOT granted to anyone to reproduce these prayers in any form, including on their websites. If these prayers are found on any websites other than Catholic Doors Ministry, they have been stolen and such theft should be reported with all the details.

The following list of prayers is protected by International Copyright Laws:

Litany of Baptismal Promises,
Novena To Our Lady Of The Divine Commission,
Prayer Before A Meeting # 1,
Prayer For An End To Gossip,
Prayer For Angelic Assistance,
Prayer For Biblical Insight,
Prayer For Control of Anger,
Prayer For Graces,
Prayer For Heavenly Treasures,
Prayer For Justice # 2,
Prayer For Might Against Greed,
Prayer For Miracles,
Prayer For Moderate Pride,
Prayer For One's Calling,
Prayer For Peace Making,
Prayer For President Barack Obama, The Murderer Of The Unborn,
Prayer For Protection Against Swine Flu,
Prayer For Respect Of One's Power,
Prayer For Safety From Satan,
Prayer For Salvation,
Prayer For Self-Motivation,
Prayer For Self-Sacrifice,
Prayer For Servitude,
Prayer For Sincere Repentence,
Prayer For Solitude,
Prayer For Submission,
Prayer For Temperance,
Prayer For The Gift Of Knowledge,
Prayer For The Gift of Prudence,
Prayer For The Gift of Wisdom,
Prayer For The Power To Overcome Aggression,
Prayer For The Power To Overcome Vanity,
Prayer For The Strength To Forgive,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Charity,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Chastity,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Compassion,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Faith,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Honesty,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Hope,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Humility,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Love,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Mercy,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Obedience,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Patience,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Piety,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Respect,
Prayer For The Virtue Of Trust,
Prayer For True Friendship,
Prayer Hail Joseph,
Prayer Of Thanksgiving To The Lord Jesus During The Last Service On The Closing Day Of A Catholic Church,
Prayer To Saint Anthony Of Padua (To Recover Access To A Godchild),
Prayer To Saint Anthony Of Padua (To Recover Access To A Biological Child),
Prayer To Saint Anthony Of Padua (To Recover A Stolen Item),
Prayer To Saint Anthony Of Padua (To Recover A Lost Child),
Prayer To Saint Anthony Of Padua (To Recover From An Illness.)

The aforementioned prayers can be found in the alphabetical index located here

• Prose: The following copyright intellectual property is the work of Jonn Miller.

A Child's Letter
Act Of Forgiveness
Addicted To God
Come To Me!
Consecration To Jesus
Divine Anchor
During Flagellation
Elevating The Holy Cross
His Last Breath
If The Truth Be Known
Jesus Had To Depart
Life Is Like A Boat
Mea Culpa
My Guardian
My Love To You
My Teddy Bear
Removing The Sacred Body
Seasoned By God
Secrets Of The Cross
Seeing Is Believing
Shouldering The Cross
Stand By Jesus
Strength In The Spirit
The Ascension
The Atonement
The Cross Of Love
The Last Supper
The Look Of Love
The Mocking Of Jesus
The Perfect Parent
The Spiritual Mystical Body
The Pain Of Love
Twinkling Faith
Violating The Sacred Body
When It Transpired

This intellectual property is found here.

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