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What follows is a list of articles used in the Catholic Church. By clicking on "Photo" beside the word, you will see what that article looks like.

Guessing Game: In your mind, can you visualize each item before you click on "Photo?" Do you know what each item is just by looking at the name of it?

Altar (Mass)

7 Light Altar Candelabra - Photo.

Altar - Photo.

Altar Bells - Photo.

Altar Book Stand - Photo.

Altar Bread - Photo.

Altar Candlestick - Photo.

Altar Cloth - Photo.

Altar Crucifix - Photo.

Altar Vase - Photo.

Altar Wine - Photo.

Asperguillum - Photo.

Book Of Gospels - Photo.

Chalice - Photo.

Chalice Pall (Cotton) - Photo.

Chalice Veil - Photo.

Ciborium - Photo.

Communion Dish - Photo.

Corporal (Cotton) - Photo.

Cruet Drainer - Photo.

Cruet Set - Photo.

Holy Water Pot - Photo.

Incense - Photo.

Incense Burner - Photo.

Lavabo Towel - Photo.

Linen Corporal - Photo.

Monstrance - Photo.

Procession Crucifix - Photo.

Purificator (Cotton) - Photo.

Pyx - Photo.

Roman Missal - Photo.

Mass Kit - Photo.

Altar Server

Altar Server Alb - Photo.

Altar Server Cassock - Photo.

Altar Server Gloves - Photo.

Altar Server Surplice - Photo.

Communion Paten - Photo.


Casket Stand - Photo.

Funeral Flowers - Photo.

Funeral Pall - Photo.

Church Furniture

Altar Sanctuary Lamp - Photo.

Ambry - Photo.

Baptismal Bowl - Photo.

Baptismal Font - Photo.

Candle Holders - Photo.

Communion Rail - Photo.

Crucifix - Photo.

Framed Art - Photo.

Holy Oils Containers - Photo.

Icon - Photo.

Kneeler - Photo.

Lectern - Photo.

Organ - Photo.

Pews - Photo.

Processional Banner - Photo.

Sanctuary Chairs - Photo.

Statue - Photo.

Statues (Outdoor) - Photo.

Tabernacle - Photo.

Way Of The Cross Stations - Photo.

Resource Material

Baptism Certificate - Photo.

Bible - Photo.

Confirmation Certificate - Photo.

First Communion Certificate - Photo.

Marriage Certificate - Photo.

My See And Pray Missal - Photo.

RCIA Certificate - Photo.

Reconciliation Certificate - Photo.

Sanctuary Manual - Photo.


Ash Holder - Photo.

Candle - Photo.

Chaplet - Photo.

Holy Water Font - Photo.

Medal - Photo.

Palms - Photo.

Prayer Card - Photo.

Rosary - Photo.

Scapular (Green) - Photo.


The Alb - Photo.

The Amice - Photo.

The Biretta - Photo.

The Camauro - Photo.

The Cappa - Photo.

The Cappa Magna - Photo.

The Cappello Romano - Photo.

The Cassock - Photo.

The Chasuble - Photo.

The Chimere - Photo.

The Cincture - Photo.

The Crosier - Photo.

The Dalmatic - Photo.

The Douillette - Photo.

The Episcopal Ring - Photo.

The Fanon - Photo.

The Ferraiolo - Photo.

The Gauntlets - Photo.

The Gloves - Photo.

The Humeral Veil - Photo.

The Manipule - Photo.

The Mantelletta - Photo.

The Mitre - Photo.

The Mozzetta - Photo.

The Pallium - Photo.

The Pastoral Staff - Photo.

The Pectoral Staff - Photo.

The Rochet - Photo.

The Simar - Photo.

The Soprana - Photo.

The Stole - Photo.

The Surplice - Photo.

The Triregno - Photo.

The Zucchetto (Skull cap) - Photo.

If you know of a Church object that is not listed here, please feel free to contact me by email, requesting that it be added to the list. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

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