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A beautiful Java Applet
of the Mother of God.

To Jesus, the Son of God, through Mary, the Mother of God.

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Picture: The Mother of God pointing to Jesus.

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How appropriate was the first day of the new thousand years, year 2000, began with the Feast of the Mother of God.

For, as promised by Our Lady of Fatima, it is through her who is the Mother of God and our spiritual mother that peace shall come to the world.

As we enter the new millennium, our vision is to see the fulfillment of God's progressive Divine Plan through Mary as promised by the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, she who continues to be blessed throughout every generation.

Our Heavenly Mother gave us three weapons to battle the evil forces of Satan that divide the world, the nations and the families. Let us begin this new thousand years by equipping ourselves and our loved ones with the Marian Sacramentals of the Catholic Church. Let us cherish the Rosary as our gift of hope, the Scapular as our garment of grace and the Miraculous Medal as our instrument of faith.

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